Doug Maguire Sandy Hook Hoaxer, Harasses Lenny Pozner & Other Sandy Hook Parents

Here is a list of Doug Maguire’s Hoaxing Activity and Criminal harassment of shooting victims.

For the 100’s of post Doug Maguire made harassing Shooting Victims and Sandy Hook Victims. Follow the following link


Terrorist Doug Maguire of Burbank, CA Makes It Through Angel Stadium Security

Crazed man Doug Maguire, a failed movie actor turned Criminal. Recently attended a baseball game at Angel Stadium. When his hometown team The Red Sox came to visit.

This might sound like nothing, BUT. Doug Maguire has been on a death threatening rampage and put everyone in that Stadium in Danger that day.

Many questions have been raised about sporting event security. People like Doug make a good case on, why people should show ID along with their tickets before entry.

In the wake of many Isis attacks abroad, this system seems to be broken.

doug maguire

Doug’s numerous death threats

Doug Maguire of Burbank Admits To Public Masturbation

Doug Maguire of Lenny Pozner’s Honr Network, who admins over 50 slander sites for Lenny. Admits to masturbating in public (in his car) and creating porn. (A Felony) Doug Maguire lives in a car and parks outside of Burbank Metrolink Station.

Listen to the audio below, where Doug Maguire admits to committing a felony.

Lenny Pozner’s Relationship With Doug Maguire, is using Mentally Ill Man To Death Threat & Run Slander Websites For Him Online

If you didn’t think Sandy Hook Parent Lenny Pozner could become more unhinged. His recruitment of a Mentally Ill Man to his Honr Network is now backfiring. Lenny groomed “Doug Maguire” to run over 50 slander websites of Lenny’s Victims, Sites like “” “” After Doug Publicly made video’s Death Threatening victims, Lenny Pozner is harassing online. Lenny scrubbed all of Doug’s accounts, on his slander websites. Here are a few examples, that can now only be seen via google cache.

Lenny Pozner

Lenny Pozner

Lenny Pozner owns and other domains used to Slander and Harass Individuals

Lenny Pozner

Direct link as evidence

Cache Link’s of Doug Maguires Involvement running Lenny’s websites for him

Why would Lenny use other individuals to do his dirty work online? Easy, Lenny is a parent of a Sandy Hook Victim. And ONLY Sandy Hook parent that cyber stalks, and harasses individuals online. Even people who are NOT Sandy Hook Truthers. He uses autistic people and mentally ill people online. And coaches them to roll out his dirty deeds. He recruits individuals like these, because if they are caught. Lenny can wipe his hands clean, but Lenny wasn’t smart enough to private his whois information of his Slander websites on time. Before being discovered

Doug Maguire Admits To Running Slander Websites Owned By Lenny Pozner

Doug Maguire Death Threats The Owner of This Website and 3 other Men

Who is Doug?

Doug has stated there is a Bounty for my Death and 3 other men. Who did he get that idea from? Lenny Pozner, here is Lenny admitting to putting a $3,000 Bounty on 2 other men.

Lenny has been well documented on this website. He spends most of his days now, trying to label the owner of this website as a “Child Predator.”

Doug is still threatening people online, as I type this.

Please help us Notify Boca Raton PD and Burbank PD of these crimes that are being ignored, due to Lenny’s reputation of being a “Sandy Hook Parent.”

For Boca Raton PD (Lenny Pozner)

For Burbank PD (Doug Maguire)

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Felix Pantaleon Targeted With Impersonation & Fake Ripoffreports

Felix Pantaleon Stalked by Lenny Pozner/Leonard Pozner/Len Pozner, Harassment, Fake DMCA’s, Libel, Slander Documented.

Mentally Ill Man Doug Maguire Stalks Random Woman Shirley Pantaleón Nuñez & Children

Batshit crazy lunatic has targeted a random Woman from The State of Florida. And put her and her children on over 30 slander domains (Lenny Pozner owns) for no particular reason.

He is also framing the brother of Shirley, Felix. As being “Arie Fique” when that’s his mentally ill cyber terrorist buddy Leonard Pozner of Boca Raton Florida.

Doug is a very dangerous man who is being ignored by Burbank, PD.

^^ Doug’s Youtube

Doug Maguire of Burbank California Harasses Police Officer, Father of Man He’s Stalking

Doug Maguire

Mentally Ill Man Doug Maguire who lives out his car in a parking lot in Burbank, CA. Has now extended his cyber terrorism and harassment towards a Police Officer. The father of a man he is relentlessly stalking online.

Doug maguire

Way Back Link for proof