Admin of Doug Maguire Cyber Bullies Man into Stabbing Rampage

The relentless cyber stalking  and harassment of Phillip Daniel Craigie by Doug Maguire. Finally triggered him to stab a man, almost killing him. Phillip, who went  by the youtube username professor doom1. Was targeted by Doug Maguire and spammed on over 30 slander domains Doug admins. This relentless stalking obviously contributed into Phillip’s mental health. Phillip an already convicted felon with Mental issues, was pushed to the limit by Doug Maguire.

Spam and harassment by Doug Maguire of Honr Network

Doug Maguire of Burbank Admits To Public Masturbation

Doug Maguire of Lenny Pozner’s Honr Network, who admins over 50 slander sites for Lenny. Admits to masturbating in public (in his car) and creating porn. (A Felony) Doug Maguire lives in a car and parks outside of Burbank Metrolink Station.

Listen to the audio below, where Doug Maguire admits to committing a felony.